Unhappy with your current system? No worries, we’ve got you covered!


MyTicket provides a fully integrated online, and point of sale ticketing solution, so your customers can purchase tickets anywhere.


Let your customers become your marketers, with our social networking integrations!


Our automated customer profiling capabilities mean that your message meets the right people, increasing ticket sales and revenues.


Seamless integration with your existing website lets you control your branding.


MyTicket works with nearly all existing hardware, streamlining the transition process.


Our interactive mapping technology means that your customers can select their seats from any device.

Key Features

Cloud based, MyTicket enhances your brand by streamlining the direct relationship between your patrons and your business. Whether your venue tickets in person, over the phone, online or via mobile devices, the system ensures your operators provide exceptional customer service at each point of contact. And because MyTicket provides venues total control over any and all operating parameters, patron ticketing fees are optional and can be determined as they relate to a given sales channel.

Box Office

  • No hardware to install, allowing room to maintain a neat and organized working environment.
  • Regular and Express sales functionality keep lines at the window to a minimum.
  • Interactive SeatMaps and Seat/View Photos help operators inform patrons of all seating options.

Online Ticketing

These days, many patrons believe going online is the efficient way to purchase event tickets. MyTicket’s create easy interface keeps online sales running smoothly. An abundance of customization options are available to help organizations control what content is available to patrons online and just how the sales process should flow. Anticipating a heavy on-sale with hundreds or maybe event thousands of patrons searching your inventory? Don’t worry, because MyTicket has you covered!

  • Online ticket sales and reservation operating at 24/7.
  • Live ticketing in real time via interactive SeatMaps or “Best Available”.
  • Social media plug-ins help patrons notify friends about their purchases.
  • Delivery method via Print-At-Home tickets, Box Office Collection, soft copy through patron emails, and any other outlets that may be added from time to time.
  • Reach to more than 500,000 patrons all over Asia.

Responsive Interface

Smartphones & tablets account for 62.5% of the Asia-Pacific of the population

Staying competitive in the market is crucial, and MyTicket’s responsive interface ensures your organization is on the cutting edge of technology, capable of capturing every sale possible.

  • Utilizing the best available user interface function to secure tickets to an event for a patron.
  • Responsive interface enable patrons accessing through their device.


Because Patrons Appreciate Special Treatment

When announcing the on-sale of a new production, event or season, many organizations have found great success in launching an email and/or print campaign to targeted patrons offering the privilege of accessing tickets before the general public.

  • Available inventory during presale is determined by the venue.
  • Presales via promotional code for patrons to purchase before official launch date.
  • Presale periods can range from hours to weeks.
  • Patrons can access presale inventory by logging into an online account or with use of a promo code.


No Plugins to Install. It’s Pure HTML!

MyTicket can quickly creates elegant and interactive SeatMaps, each containing hundreds or thousands of mouse sensitive seats individually linked to a database record. These maps are easily visible from any operating system or browser.

  • HTML-SeatMaps can be built for any type of venue including theatres, stadiums, or even public parks- even tiered seating.
  • Color coding that illustrates seats availability and price difference for patrons.
  • Patrons can select specific seats to an event or utilize a “Best Available” search option before adding to their cart.

Seat & View Photos

MyTicket understands the consumer, and for this reason the company was found on the principle that patrons should be able to purchase the exact tickets they desire or the seats that suit them best. There are a variety of ways MyTicket helps patrons make informed decisions about the tickets they purchase, because the more consumers know what to expect from the a purchase, the more likely they are to buy.

  • View photos provide an accurate depiction of the view and sightlines from chosen seats.
  • Seat photos provide a peek at gauging the comfort of their seats.

Group Sales & Reservations

Keep bulk sales organized and flexible

MyTicket helps operators cater to requests from groups or single ticket buyers by placing holds on sections or a select group of seats.

  • Reservation reports detailing outstanding orders.
  • Excess reservation can be deactivated and return to inventory immediately.
  • Automatic invoicing for reservations.

Access Control

MyTicket provides an access control solution that integrates seamlessly to the your ticketing solution.

  • Access Control via mobile turnstiles or handheld barcode scanners.
  • Live feed with unique barcode identification to prevent multiple entries.
  • Simple to set up; which requires only a power source and stable internet connection.


Getting the word out and promoting your events and activities is no small task. Even the most reputable venues and organizations in the world need to invest time, energy and finances into marketing. Your patrons are just everyday people until they hear about an event and then purchase their tickets. But the work doesn’t stop there. Marketing tools can help you to retain patrons in addition to soliciting new ones. But most importantly, successful marketing is what ensures your ability to continue producing top-notch entertainment, sporting events, and other forms of activity and recreation. Because marketing can take many forms, MyTicket provides clients with a variety of methods to help spread the word.

Email Marketing

MyTicket has integrated Vertical Response as our official partner for email marketing.

  • Electronic-Direct-Mailing to every patrons, simplifying traditional email marketing.
  • Real time reporting of your mailing campaign.

Social Media Integration

Everyone’s a talker these days, especially when it comes to social media. Your patrons are your fans, and they are excited about your events! From the moment they secure tickets, they want the world to know where they are going or how much fun they had, and aren’t you glad?

  • Facebook Integration throughout online sales flow.
  • ShareThis integration to other social media platform.

Google Analytics

Your customers reach your site from many different channels, but measuring the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns has always been next to impossible.

  • Analyze the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

Coupons & Promo Codes

MyTicket has a variety of ways for you to create and distribute coupons and promo codes to appeal to all types of consumers.

  • Presales made easy by private code distribution.
  • Reduce rate codes to help drive sales.
  • Print-At-Home tickets distributing dining and retail discounts to patrons.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

MyTicket software was engineered to equip administrators and operators with abundant CRM features, helping you to deliver unparalleled customer service to each patron, ensuring repeat business. No matter how large your database, MyTicket prepares your staff to treat each and every patron special.

Patron Attributes

MyTicket offers you the ability to assign an unlimited number of attributes to any patron profile. These attributes help segment your database, by identifying the preferences and buying habits of your patrons. The sky is the limit with attributes, and the choice is up to you on how you utilize them.

  • Assigning attributes to patrons to group and categorization.
  • Assign promotions according to patron attributes


Our integration with Vertical Response features the ability to easily survey your patrons via email.

  • Creating unique questions and/or rating scales to collect data.
  • Determine how to improve your Events overall performances.

Social Media

Stay connected with your patrons

MyTicket helps your patrons stay connected with your organization by providing multiple links to ShareThis and Facebook. This easy method of connecting helps you to deliver messages and promotions to those who want them most-your fans.

  • Marketing to the friends and family of patrons is made easy by encouraging sharing.
  • Link an events page to your organization’s Facebook page and encouraging additional sales.

Day-To-Day Reporting

MyTicket assists with reporting analysis by providing clients with easy to interpret bar graphs, diagrams, and other forms of data representation. And although illustration may be rather helpful for your marketing teams, all reports can be easily exported in a format that is easy for you manipulate for other purposes.

  • Day-To-Day Reporting that promotes the ease of Day-To-Day Box Office Sales Reconciliation.
  • Live reporting that details every transaction completed.
  • Customised reports to declare specific parameters to fit organization’s needs.
  • Data is easily exported.


For many nonprofits, it’s estimated that less than 60% of their annual budgets is from ticket income. The balance needed to maintain operations must stem from relentless perseverance in strategic fundraising, as private donors and employer matched contributions play significant roles in a nonprofit’s longevity. Whether you operate year round as a nonprofit organization, or you simply need to organize a one-off fundraising event, MyTicket will assist you through every step of the fundraising process.

Website Donations

Myticket is prepared to help your fundraising team in every way possible.

  • Accept Donations during an online sale.
  • Dedicated link for donations.
  • Receipts are automatically generated and delivered via email.
  • MyTicket’s PATRON TICKET MANAGEMENT helps patrons donate the face value of tickets they are unable to use, by easily logging into their online account with your organization.

Donor Analysis

MyTicket provides clients with all the donor data necessary to not only thank the individual but also to ask them for subsequent donations down the line.

  • Reporting of donations received throughout the Campaign
  • Helps you to analyze your donors and steer your Fundraising Campaign towards specific directions


Selling tax-deductible memberships through MyTicket is a terrific way to reward your members with special seating, presale offers, and other forms of promotion, and it sets the stage for subsequent donation solicitations throughout each season.

  • Maintain strategic fundraising tactics to complement your producing efforts.
  • Create “Member Only” fundraising events, auctions, and galas.

Client Support

MyTicket offers multiple services designed to positively impact the user experience, because providing organizations with ticketing software is one matter, but ensuring it is used effectively and efficiently is another. Integrating MyTicket Software into your box office operations opens the door to “the rest of your team,” as we like to say. Our Account Managers, Support Technicians and Creative Team all play an active role in every client’s experience with MyTicket.

Technical Support & Customer Service

There are a variety of ways for clients to connect with our team from online to over the phone, and even in person. Working with our clients to ensure all operators are kept abreast on enhancements, developments and software updates is some of what we do best.

  • 24/7 Technical Support is available to all clients, 365 days a year.
  • MyTicket maintains an online “Knowledge Base,” including up to date user manuals, tutorials, and other forms of instructions to assist operators.
  • MyTicket Alerts appear directly on the header of the interface to provide clients with any time sensitive information or notices.


Protecting Your Patron Data Is Our Priority

SeatAdvisor Level 1 PCI Certified
As one of the most reputable systems in the market, protecting your patron’s data is something we take very seriously, and for this reason we DO NOT store any credit card data. Additionally, we proudly boast a Level 1 PCI Certification.


Complex firewall services restrict how data moves in and out, making our system application itself the main conduit for that information.


We isolate our database and web servers to further harden our defences against unauthorised access.


Our engineers carefully code to ensure the web pages we serve to both our clients and their patrons are not vulnerable to common attacks.


We encrypt all patron and operator login passwords. (Encryption is the process of encoding information in such a way that eavesdroppers or hackers cannot read it.)


We are immediately alerted of any suspicious activity or potential hack attempts on our network and take action accordingly.


We adhere to a strict documented security breach plan, wherein we immediately notify our clients and customers of any compromised systems.